In these difficult economic times, redundancies and redundancy situations have become more and more common, as companies struggle to compete in an increasingly difficult marketplace. We are aware that any redundancy scenario is always difficult for those involved, and are able to offer pragmatic advice. Any proposed redundancy can also be a legal minefield, with the employer being required to follow an exact procedure so as to limit as far as possible any disruption to their business, and to protect both their reputation and their establishment against any potential claims for unfair dismissal from those employees affected.


It is crucial that all parties are aware of their rights and what is expected of them throughout a redundancy process. As a firm, we have extensive experience of advising both employers and employees at all stages of the redundancy process, including the following matters:


  • Does a true redundancy situation exist?
  • Creating the relevant strategies to manage the redundancy process
  • Establishing fair and impartial redundancy selection criteria
  • Collective consultation
  • Redundancy payments and bonuses
  • Compromise Agreements