Children Law

At Holdens Solicitors we can help any family member whether you are a parent, grandparent or other family member or friend. Legal Aid is available in some cases.

Often disputes arise within families regarding where children should live or whether the children should have contact with the parent that they don't live with as well as other issues such as Parental Responsibility, removal from the country and paternity disputes. Often cases can be resolved without the need for Court Proceedings and at Holdens Solicitors we will make every effort to do so. We are always mindful of the fact that cases involving children are particularly sensitive.

Holdens Solicitors are here to help you in any way that we can. Whether you simply require some straightforward legal advice, a letter sending or, if necessary, Court Proceedings can be issued.

Holdens Solicitors aim to offer comprehensive and value for money service which is also tailored to what you can afford. Please see our Comprehensive Cost Guide for details. You may also be entitled to Legal Aid.

We provide expert advice regarding Children in Lancaster and Kendal. For legal advice about children or related issues, call our Family Solicitors at Holdens Solicitors on 01524 32484 or contact us online.